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About Snow & Removal

Cold weather? Its no problem for Tacoma Landscape service crews! We become the super heroes who act fast to keep your family and our customers safe! Snow removal and deicing is available to insure our customers have safe walkways, driveways, and parking lots.Call us today for a quote.

About Ice Removal

Removing ice.

Tacoma Landscaping service will clear pathways, driveways, and stairways. We also include de-icing solutions to prevent falls and further freezing.

  • On Call

    Tacoma Landscape service will extend our normal business hours to better assist our customers during the winter season. The business hours will be announced at at later time.

  • Walkways & Pathways

    Walkways and pathways are shoveled and later deiced.

  • Fast Work

    During the winter season employees work year round, and act fast to insure customer satisfaction.

Snow & Ice Removal Tips

Blowing snow with a back pack blower or handheld blower can increase walking visibility. Using a blower can also insure the ability to remove snow from different trains. The use of wind to remove snow aids in the decreased risk of chipping and scrape damage to unwanted areas.

Owning a cat, can help during the winter? Silly right? The theory behind this is that typical cat owners have kitty litter on hand. Spreading clean kitty litter in slip hazard areas can help increase traction. All though kitty litter won't actually melt snow it will most definitely help.

Bulbs are amazing! Plant them and watch them appear. Who doesn't love these lush plants? However some bulbs need to be dug and stored during the winter. Some specific bulbs that will not survive are the Dahlias, Cannas, and Elephant ears.

Rock salt can harm cats and dogs. The salt can induce burning and inflammation to pets cracked paw pads. When rock salt dissolves it can also cause salty soils. The salt can interfere with your plants ability to absorb nutrients. It can also brown grass. Lastly Rock salt can cause rust damage to vehicles and paved surfaces. If you choose to use Rock salt deicer, be sure to call a professional.

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