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Planting & Removal

New plant installation can give you just what you need to have your home, business, or residential building shine. Tacoma Landscape service partner's with local nurseries to give you just the look you've been waiting for. Our plant team will always insure your landscape is incredible. We continue to push the limits of design for our customers, because when your happy were happy.

Need more space? have too many overgrown shrubs? Tacoma Landscaping service can help!Our team works diligently to remove small trees, shrubs, and sod. Have the yard of your dreams, with out stress. Tacoma landscaping will always go the extra mile to create a beautiful environment that will have your family or customers in awe.

Pet Wast Removal

Don't need much Landscaping done? Call Tacoma Landscape Service to ask us about our pet wast removal. Tacoma Landscape crews are here for all your landscape needs.

Key Benefit of Planting and Removal

Removal of unwanted plants can clear space for the yard design that you truly love. Including trees, shrubs, and decorative plants have many benefits. Adding foliage is not only pleasing to the eye, but it adds shade during those hot summer days. New plant installation also raises your property value and decreases your utilities. New greenery can reduce stress, lower your heart rate, and improves the environment.

  • Floral Planting
  • Sod installation
  • Shrub, plant, tree removal
  • Tree installation
  • Tree staking and securing
  • Land clearing
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