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About Tacoma Landscaping Service

Man planting tomatos.

Our History

Tacoma Landscaping Service has an excellent team of business professionals. Our team extends creativity to our customers by having diversity in master skill sets. Our landscapers have 7 years of experience in the landscape industry with backgrounds ranging from office administration, Landscape construction, landscape maintenance, masonry production and horticulture design. We are a small well maintained business that is passionate about landscape creation and customer care.

We Provide All Solutions under one Roof

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Why Choose Us


We're Informative

At Tacoma Landscaping Service our clients are not just another contract they're our partners. We have a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share. View FAQ's


Clean Working

Tacoma Landscaping Service crews pay special attention to our jobs always cleaning as we perform our duties. Our team knows that a clean work environment is a safe work environment.


Quality And Reliability

Rain, snow, or shine no weather is too harsh for Tacoma Landscaping Service crews. our customers can always count on us to show up on time and ready to work.


Expert Farmer

At Tacoma Landscaping Service we never guess on plant design. Our crews practice plant measurement, color coordination, and communication. we plant the colors you prefer, you enjoy, and you choose.


Our Dedicated Team

7 Years of Expertise in Gardening & Ladscaping

Tacoma Landscaping Service is a team of individuals that represent Tacoma's diversity. Our team is a melting pot of culture and talent. All members of Tacoma Landscaping Services have worked in the horticulture industry. All of our employees have mastered different skills that blend together insuring our customer’s receive unique design and quality lawn care. Send us an email today Tacoma Landscaping Services "were you can see the difference".